Why is the man who has set world records in all disciplines of freediving an Aquamea testimonial?



Although the salt water of the sea has made me discreetly popular (I was the first man to touch the -150-meter depth wall without breathing), I feel it is only right and proper to tell you about the one ingredient that is fundamental to our life: fresh water. In fact, I hope that my words can help you avoid wasting valuable time with useless, unclear and brain-teasing research. If you feel like enriching your knowledge by watching the video below, you will find out why my mentor-Jacques Mayol-was very aware of the undesirable effects that microplastics could cause on our health. Especially since we are talking about years when everyone was shrugging. However, it would be quite inappropriate to give you too much anticipation. That is why, in the hope that you will now listen to all the reasons that led me to embrace the Aquamea world, know that it was enough for me to discover that the bottled water supply chain is one of the most polluting on the Planet to take definitive action and say goodbye forever to such unintelligent choices...

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