The practical, convenient and quick remedy to say goodbye to limescale in home water


More and more households are deciding to soften their tap water with our technologies to forget about scaling due to the massive presence of limestone. The result? Scaling-free bathroom fixtures and faucets, appliances that last longer, and more comfortable tubs or showers. Not surprisingly, skin feels smoother and softer, hair shinier and easier to comb.

Equipped with electronic system
To control functions, flow rates and consumption, Venus
Boasts in the backwash a water and salt saving of 50 percent
compared with ordinary softeners. It is recommended in those homes that receive 25°F (hard water) from the mains and have low water pressure problems.

It is usually combined with ARTIDE and ESSENTIAL technologies.


It is the smallest and most environmentally friendly water softener.
evolved in the world. It does not use electricity because
exploits the kinetic one, providing savings
During the backwash of water and salt in a percentage close to
80%. Its compact dimensions grant optimal insertion, capable of fitting into any context. It is recommended for homes receiving higher mains water
to 30°F (very hard water) and with high water pressure. Usually
combined with ARTIDE and ESSENTIAL technologies.

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