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Rediscover the peace of mind and convenience
of using water from your home tap

Rediscover the
peace of mind and convenience of using water from your home tap


With this technology, you will get chemically oligomineral water that is bacteriologically pure.

It is the preferred choice for those who dream of water that is light, palatable, and suitable for drinking, cooking, and washing fruits or vegetables safely.

With its 150 liters of delivery per hour, it is the most powerful and safe technology in the world. It is the only one capable of detaining 99.99% of chlorine, often used as a disinfectant in mains.

It offers the possibility of adding or changing the mineral salts to your own liking.


ARTIDE PRO line technologies deliver cold and sparkling water instantly, always purified and decontaminated.

Room-temperature, cool or sparkling water will flow from your home tap, with the assurance that it will always be free of nitrates, heavy metals and pesticides, and without even putting it in the refrigerator. You can change the mineral salts and fixed residue to your liking, making the water light or lighter.

The entire ARTIDE PRO family is a water-cooled, a system that prevents heat storage in the under-sink, unlike any other technology.

ARTIDE PRO is an Aquamea exclusive technology, among the most popular with our customers.

  • Under-sink solution
  • Inside the skirting boards


The line above bench ARTIDE S
retains all the features
of the ARTIDE family, with the particularity of being
the technology of choice for those who wish to "drink
by the glass" with an eye toward design.

Your tap water will always be chemically and
Bacteriologically pure.
With ARTIDE S technology
you will get chilled water
and gassed on the spot, just pressing a button.


IGEA , inspired by the revered figure from ancient Greek mythology symbolizing wealth and purity, depicts a buxom young woman tenderly quenching a serpent's thirst.

This remarkable technology is born out of the need to battle our constant exposure to various chemicals and the consumption of highly oxidizing foods. Igea stands as the pinnacle of water purification technology worldwide, enriched with hydrogen molecules and boasting remarkable antioxidant properties.

The water delivered by IGEA is celebrated for its extraordinary ability to promote rejuvenating wellness. It effectively neutralizes harmful free radicals and mitigates oxidative stress, often responsible for skin imperfections. These remarkable benefits stem from electrolysis, allowing hydrogen to penetrate tissues unreachable by conventional fluids.

Consider that each liter of water from IGEA contains antioxidants equivalent to 400 carrots, 700 bananas, and 500 apples combined. IGEA is available both with and without a glass mouthpiece, catering to diverse preferences.

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