The guests of your business do not wish for anything
other than the best?
So why not please them with the most genuine water,
that is safer and more palatable?

The guests of your business do not wish to
other than the best?

So why not please them with the most genuine water,
safer and more palatable?

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Imagine your guests' excitement as soon as they find out how much you care about their well-being with your new Aquamea.

Good, light, pollutant-free water, suitable for the delicacy of an infant...
A water that will prove decisive in enriching all your tables because it is accompanied by a precious and refined design, 
At least as exceptional as the food on your plate.
Are you ready to embrace the choice that has already improved the business of several of your colleagues?

Why is reverse osmosis the best solution for you?

Why is reverse osmosis the best solution for you?

If you want to grab your guests by the throat, but without exposing them to any kind of bacteriological risk of unimaginable consequences. Then it is mathematically certain that with Aquamea you will find a clear answer to why you prefer reverse osmosis over micro-filtration.
Water is the backbone of any kitchen interested in surprising the palate of its guests, who will be pleasantly enraptured by authentic and genuine flavours, giving the right emphasis to your skilled hands.


Not to mention the visual appearance of the dishes will be much brighter.
It seems logical that restaurant water filters should aim to provide excellent, pure water without any kind of contaminants. Recent European regulations also make it mandatory to ensure that the water in your premises is clean and healthy.

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But in order to make the water supply healthier, free of fluoride and unwanted minerals, a reverse osmosis water filtration system is needed-it, is recent news other filtration systems were deemed adequate.
Some scientists have recently revealed that micro-filtered water is no better than bottled water (source: The conclusion is that yes, it can be used for cooking in small doses, while its daily use is highly discouraged.

You may hear of micro-filtered water as adequate because it preserves certain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.
Willfully omitting the presence of minerals that originate from nitrates, galena, cerussite, inglesite, barium, arsenic, uranium, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, beryllium, and fluorine. That is, elements that are carcinogenic to humans, as determined by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


With the Aquamea reverse osmosis system, on the other hand, the number of contaminants in the water will be drastically nullified, without affecting the presence of minerals considered good.


Thus, unlike micro-filtration systems that drag in heavy metals, sediment, and microscopic organisms, with Aquamea you get oligomineral water with a low fixed residue.


How come?
Because we accompany our reverse osmosis technologies with filters stuffed with zeolite, the most advanced mineral to enter the filtration market and which removes up to 100 percent heavy metals.
This is how we keep our promise: pure, clear, crystal-clear water straight from your tap.

Which bottle best suits your venue?

Which bottle best suits your venue?


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