"Everyone was skeptical when I installed the new Aquamea purification system in my restaurant, but when they saw the benefits..."

This is the unfair advantage that more than

1000 Sardinian restaurateurs

Have applied to win!

Dear caterer,

the scenarios you have to witness today and the obstacles you have to overcome are getting tougher and tougher. The restaurant industry is in more crisis than ever, taxes are high, margins are slim, and employees are becoming less and less motivated because they do not see a glimmer of hope.

Add to this the rising prices of raw materials and energy and the competition, which is increasingly ruthless and ready to snatch away that slice of the market you have earned through years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

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In all these years you have made great investments, to run the restaurant in the best possible way and make it different from all the others in the area.

You have tried to take care of every detail of the venue, determined to make a difference, starting from the use of excellent, first-rate ingredients, through the training of trained staff to the impeccable layout of the room.

You wanted to make the environment harmonious, comfortable and elegant, a place where people can come together and spend carefree and cheerful moments.

Caught up in the many commitments and responsibilities of everyday life, however, as you strove to devise ever new ways for customers to have a memorable experience, you overlooked a key element, literally losing yourself in a glass of water.

I am referring specifically to water, one of the first products to be brought to the table. Not surprisingly, one of the most recursive phrases is precisely: "How do I carry the water? Natural or sparkling? Room temperature or chilled?".

It may seem trivial, but the water bottle being placed on the table is one of the first pieces of information you let customers have. It says who you are, how you do things in the restaurant and how much care you show toward them.

The image of the restaurant also inevitably passes through what you bring to the table.

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In short, water plays a key role in determining customers' first impression of the restaurant and their experience there. It is a food in its own right and should be chosen carefully, the same way you choose wines and ingredients Of the dishes.

Yes, that's right, because all the efforts you make to differentiate yourself are practically useless, if you then present the same water and glass bottle that everyone else offers, since you don't have a real distinguishing factor that makes the place special, so you lose prestige in the eyesof customers.

We want to talk about the importance of in the kitchen?

It is practically the most widely used element of all, it greatly influences the taste of the dishes that are served by chefs.

Listen to the words of Achille Pinna:

The problems Achilles lists are:

  • entire warehouses perpetually cluttered and difficult to clean because they are overflowing with boxes of water;

  • employees who have to go back and forth a thousand times a day to carry heavy cases of glass bottles that are likely to break on the way and put their safety at risk, in addition to wasting so much of their valuable time;

  • bottles to be returned to suppliers or disposed of that take up space and generate chaos, not to mention pollution (they certainly don’t help protect the environment);

  • bulky refrigerators that must cool a large amount of water bottles that have probably been sitting in the sun for hours, and that consume 30 percent more electricity, generate heat, and increase the cost of utility bills. All this to achieve what benefits? None!

The truth is. you can solve all these annoying and tiring hindrances in one fell swoop, greatly improving margins and optimizing beverage cost. How?

By installing the Aquamea purification system, which allows you to safely return to drinking water as good as that which flows from the spring and to accentuate the properties, i scents and the aromas of foods without complicating or slowing down the work of waiters.

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Offer pure water with impeccable and unique taste,

thanks to our technology

You can safely search the net and evaluate other offers to buy a purifier, and to keep you from wasting your time, I personally conducted an investigation on Amazon and eBay.

I want to open your eyes to the data collected and the disturbing truths of those purifiers regarded as superior, which generally:

have smaller and less performing filters than those used by Aquamea;

are not really effective in eliminating contaminants;

Have poor filtering performance;

have no certifications;

They do not have a flood-probe;

use faucets and fittings made in Taiwan and rich in nickel (a highly toxic metal);

use filters that do not retain chlorine (always present in city waterworks);

Are not insured;

do not have silicone membranes (they are made of carbon and wear out much sooner);

have no warranty;

have no assistance;

no counseling is provided;

no calibration can be done to adjust filtering based on a test done before installation.

To recapitulate, it is no longer necessary to invest money in water storage, have the hassle of disposing of crates and crates of spent water bottles, having to pay hefty bills, and burdening waiters with fatigue and wasting time they can spend on something else.

Today you can install the Aquamea purification system and have water that will make a difference
at the table!

It is the fairest choice you can make for the restaurant, because it saves space, time, money and makes less effort, but also offers something that others do not have: an exceptional water capable of providing moments of joy for the palate.

Wait, though, because I have one more treat for you….

The icing on the cake is called support service

My company has been installing purification systems for over 18 years, both in restaurant and hotel businesses and in the homes of private citizens or other businesses that care about their customers.

That is why we have more than just a team of technicians at our disposal.

We have created a team of specialists who can intervene promptly in any situation.

You have at your complete disposal:

  • Our consultants, experts in water analysis;

  • A team of technicians to assemble the purification equipment;

  • periodic sanitizations are scheduled every three months, and we will be sure to notify you when it is time to do them (among many other commitments will not include reminding you to call us);

  • a team of trained technicians only for routine maintenance, sanitization, and service in case of (unfortunate) breakdowns.

Here are the reasons that make our service one of the best in Italy, and make us different (and better) than anyone else

  • We offer customer support 365 days a year;

  • our teams perform maintenance, filter changes, and sanitization every 3 months (and we don’t just change one filter like the competition, we change 6 filters at a time if needed);

  • In addition, by joining the offer you can get many additional benefits, including 5 years of ALL INCLUSIVE warranty (instead of the 2 required by law).


This means that when you have decided to purchase the Aquamea purification system, you won’t have to think about anything else

Our trained technicians will take care of everything. You will evaluate the optimal choices together, and they will remember to call you when it is time to carry out regular inspections and scheduled sanitation.

With the Aquamea purification system, you can elevate your venue
to a new standard of excellence by offering an oligomineral water experience that satisfies even the most discerning palates

nicola angius

My name is Nicola Angius. I am the founder of Aquamea, a company dedicated to bringing the most effective water purification technology to the best restaurants and hotels.

Basically, with my company, I am able to get pure water out of the taps, good for drinking and for preparing excellent dishes, which you can present inside elegant and unmistakably stylish bottles.

You need not fear any quality control, because with Aquamea you will pass it with your eyes closed!

The water that is commonly sold in bottles is far from safe, and tap water, although drinkable, is not exactly ideal for drinking–until you purify it.

Now you must be wondering how we turn tap water into pure water that is good for drinking.

The answer lies in our advanced Reverse Osmosis purification technology.

Reverse osmosis is a state-of-the-art technology and is the heart and mechanism that makes Aquamea purification systems work.

Its special feature is that the filtration process does not alter the percentage of mineral salts in the water, while at the same time removing organic pollutants.

But only we have this technology?

Absolutely not. Reverse osmosis technology has been widely deployed and used for several years in different fields of use, and this has made it possible to refine and optimize the whole purification process, making it more efficient than ever.

You will surely find other manufacturers using the basic concept of reverse osmosis in their purification systems, but that is precisely why you need to be careful about their real efficiency and the huge differences with Aquamea products.

In addition, Aquamea purification systems do something extra!

In fact, it is possible to adjust the purification values so as to balance the taste and achieve a pure, personalized-tasting water that literally helps the drinker have a true taste experience.

Simply put, the water in the bottles may contain dangerous substances to the body such as arsenic, and you certainly don’t want customers to drink it and risk getting sick!

Similarly, that which is used to cook the dishes that are supposed to be the highlight of the restaurant and make it well-known and highly appreciated, flows in defaced pipes that compromise the purity of the water, and consequently also the goodness of what is prepared.

The Aquamea purification system, on the other hand, provides low fixed residue oligomineral water that is pure, light, fresh, safe, and free of bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.

Hear what Danilo Delrio, owner of Musciora Alguer Restaurant, has to say:

Just as Danilo says, you won’t have glass bottles stacked everywhere, which are also likely to get dirty and which you will have to clean before serving at the table, and which are locked up for quite some time in an environment where dirt of all kinds is present.

I know you must be thinking that he is the usual testimonial paid for by us and therefore unreliable. Then look at what Danilo said in front of 150 restaurateurs at an event about choosing Aquamea for his venue.

So let’s come to us and talk about another big doubt: “I know your brain is now in this direction…How do I tell my customers that tap water is really better than all the others? – Who assures me that the bottles used are regularly sanitized with each use?”

We have drawn up strict regulations, and we carry out strict quality control through a mystery guest service. The best venues display our certification of excellence, which reassures and attracts the most sensitive and demanding customers.

This is not the end of the story, however, because…

You can customize the water with the minerals you want!

That’s right: in Aquamea you have the option of enriching your water with the mineral salts of your choice.

There is a cliché that water is odorless, colorless and tasteless, but you know that this is not really the case.

It is the minerals and other substances dissolved in the water that give it a particular taste, and turn it into a beverage that has specific organoleptic characteristics.

This taste is more or less pronounced depending on the higher or lower amount of mineral salts, and the water thus may be sweeter, bitter, saltier, etc.

It can have infinite nuances of flavor, and it determines how well dishes turn out. It is the reason why many star chefs use a specific type of water for food preparation.

What if you could have all this while greatly reducing your facility costs?

If you do a thorough analysis of the costs the facility incurs each year for water supply, you will see that these are not insignificant figures.

All to have water that is neither good for drinking nor for cooking, and employees who have to go through great drudgery and waste time to perform a task that is not necessary.

With the Aquamea purification system, the venue will be recognized for its high standards, and will stand out from others by offering classy water. More importantly, you will be able to sell it at a higher price (up to 10 euros in Italy) and have great margins.

Hear what these prominent chefs who have installed the Aquamea purification system in their facility think about us:

You are one step away from bringing the restaurant to enjoy all these exclusive benefits…

All you have to do is redeem the incredible offer I am about to explain:

If you’ve read this far, it’s because you understand the importance and usefulness of installing the Aquamea purification system, and I want to reward you by giving you a fast-track lane and making your purchase even more secure if you decide to pick up the phone and call now.

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First of all, you will receive a FREE CONSULTATION worth €480, where one of our consultants who specializes in beverage cost (a key metric in the restaurant industry that helps managers understand the profitability of their beverage offerings, including water) will help you understand how much you can save right away in your restaurant in both the water you dispense to your employees and the water you serve to your guests;

Thanks to the technology Water Tower, you will not have to worry about wasting unnecessary time checking the filling of bottles, which will happen automatically.
We will basically plan a volumetric timer for you that will allow your waiters to perform other actions while he dispenses water independently.
As you can see in the photo, our columns are also designer and take up little space, so they don’t get in the way of work at all.
Listen to what Danilo says, who has a small room with little storage space!

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You will receive free of charge a comprehensive, Accredia-certified annual analysis worth €400 to be submitted to the ASL e NAS in case of inspections. Accredia is the single body designated by the Italian government for competence and impartiality of bodies and laboratories that verify the conformity of goods and services to standards. As a super partes authority, the accreditation body ensures the reliability of services performed by bodies and laboratories, and performs a service in the public interest;

You will be entitled to the 5-YEAR ALL-INCLUSIVE “ABSOLUTE SAFETY” WARRANTY instead of only 2 as required by law. For 5 years, the technician’s outing will be free of charge and will occur within 24 hours of the call, plus you will not pay for any damage to the filters (even those caused by chlorine or caused by the drinking water provider);

sicurezza assoluta
no problem

You will be protected by theALL RISK insurance, covering any possible damage or problem; basically, in case of a breakdown, you will be entitled to free repair and/or replacement of the machine so you will never be left without water;

But that’s not all, you will receive free of charge our prestigious designer bottles for table service, and if you take advantage of the offer we will replace them every 24 months and change the caps every 6, also free of charge.

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But together we can do even more, and hold on tight because the juiciest proposal of all is coming!

But I ask for a little effort…and you will get additional Speed Bonuses!

How do you have to do to get them? It is very simple!

If you call NOW to schedule your free consultation and choose to join within 10 days you will receive FREE of charge the Osmokitchen technology that delivers pure water directly into your kitchen pasta stove!
Osmokitchen technology allows for consistently excellent water with a maximum fixed residue of 30 mg, so you can make extraordinary dishes and no longer damage the pasta cooker tank with limestone-polluted water.

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But how, are you still there?

Good! Then I have to make another effort to convince you….
If you will call now! We will give all your staff the canteen Runbott Aquamea.

The only water bottle with ceramic interior personalized with your brand! La Aquamea Runbott with ceramic interior it retains the perfect taste and temperature for as long as 30 hours and, unlike classic water bottles, allows you to drink 100% pure and safe water anytime, anywhere.

runbott brand

The value of these bonuses exceeds €4,000 + VAT, and you can get all this for FREE by accepting, within the 10 days, the tailor-made offer we will propose.

But be careful!
As you might guess from the size of the offer, the number of restaurants that can join each year is limited.

So don’t waste any more time: leave the data at the bottom of the page to be get in touch or call the toll-free number now
800 689 240 to get counseling as soon as possible free of charge and receive the personalized offer!

Once the appointment is scheduled, one of Aquamea’s experts will carefully analyze your restaurant’s beverage cost, and you can figure out how to greatly improve profits while avoiding unnecessary waste. Upon completion of the analysis, you will receive a tailored proposal.

If you need more information, clarify doubts, make inquiries, talk to us about specific needs, and learn more about everything we can offer you and how we are able to help, all you have to do is fill out the form below.

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If, on the other hand, you don’t want to waste time,
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You will talk to one of my representatives, schedule an appointment right away for a free consultation, and together you will evaluate how to enhance the management of the venue

You can finally forget about those huge, cumbersome and heavy platforms loaded with water bottles that you have to move from one side to the other, which moreover are unhygienic, burden the health and fatigue of the staff, and cause consumption to skyrocket.

Most importantly, you have the opportunity to take the restaurant to an even higher level by providing crystal clear water, synonymous with sophistication and full-bodied, intense gourmet dishes. All paired with an original, fine and unparalleled bottle.

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P.S.: Don’t wait any longer. Every day you are wasting money, time, and missing an opportunity to make the restaurant more and more chic, sophisticated, and upscale. Fill out the form now or contact us at 800 689 240.

P.P.S.: So many other restaurateurs are reading this page and are scrambling to take advantage of this opportunity. Don’t get overtaken and crushed by letting it slip through your fingers.